HOT Cocktails at Highlander!

It might still be cold outside but it's getting hot up in here this weekend at Highlander! So if you're out and about in the city on Saturday & looking to get something warm and delicious in your mouth then we've got just the thing for you: 

Yep, no 1 minute men here. Strong, hard, hot liquors only, these guys are on from start til stumps. Choose from our: 

- Hot Buttered Scottish Rum
- Hot Scotty's with whisky, lemon, honey & spices
- Hot spiced Mulled wine & cider

...And if Cocktails aren't your thing & you're after something a little more substantial to fill you then get in before the kitchen closes at 10pm and munch on one of our delicious burgers. 

HAPPY HOUR 6-7PM as well with:
$5 Beer of the week, House wines & bubbly and Basic spirits

So ditch looking for something hot on tinder and come join us to ensure you finish your Saturday night full, warm & satisfied! 

Posted on August 11, 2016 .